"I Am He Who Is Called I Am" lyrics


"I Am He Who Is Called I Am"

Blood shot skies ring out raptures song
Stealing away the gaze of blood shot eyes
The brooding horizon is giving birth to
Four horsemen decked in thee piece suites
Where's your lord and savior now!?
He's skippin' out on the bill
Rendering us thieves in his own form
He's gone back to the drawing board
Penthouse at the Holy Holiday Inn
But keep looking in the barrels of battalions
And the ramparts bursting overhead
Modern accessories of divine intervention
For the enlightened era
We've been blessed
We pray through disconnected lines
The operator can't reach us through these swirling skies
Take up arms in defense of our white collar Babylon
White collar Babylon
Loft apartments and corner offices stacked like stove-lengths
Across purple mountains majesty
Spark it with your gluttonous impatience
We've been rushing to an end
We don't give a fuck about the means
These roots are claiming me
My bodies just a seed
Come and save me
Hold on for as long as you can
My hands make pockets in the dirt and the sand
We built an empire and sent it off to sea
Just to sink the ships
We sink ships

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