"Machines, Pt. 1" lyrics


"Machines, Pt. 1"

Is this what you wanted? Eat, breed, repeat. Populate and decease. And take it all.
Trade living for a living. Measure your worth in flesh and blood.
I could be your contact in a place of your design, with the grace of wounded lions
I could be your absolute; I could be your sign
I could be your written lie

All this time that I’ve been given I squandered in my own right
All my breath never intended to be used to change your mind
I found a weaker sense of truth to be what made sense so
I’ll just stack these points of view until one gives out
I wont hold my breath
Oh god, I should have figured

All this work, all this progress, is fine if you wanted it

I should have figured that this would be happening now

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