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Lo, my eager eyes will know the truth come the day when it’s pouring from my lifeless mouth
Lo, my eager eyes may swear to you that I never meant to shut you out

So we could laugh and sit and talk until I wanted to see
What sort of knowledge had grown from your forbidden seed
All I wanted was a single thought in my head that was mine
I tried to change what I’d done; you still decided to leave us here
To crook the spines of these wretched bodies
Your garden reminds us of our fleeting lives

So why did you leave here, why did you leave here?
My head is but an image of you
So why did you leave here, why did you leave me?
To figure this all out

So I found my side in the absence of a point-of-view,
Cause our senseless minds couldn’t hope to know
Now I take what’s mine, from the ground that I cultivate
And my mouth runs wild cause I want it all

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