"Freedom From Choice" lyrics


"Freedom From Choice"

In this world
I am going to focus on the world
That has been pulled over your eyes
You may like the weight of the world
But honestly you were born free

How can I be so rational
Why do you, go with the flow?
You don’t want to be at work

Our world is filled with dreams
But in this time in our world we face slavery

I’m already in the world where dreaming feels dumb
Let’s start look for a future with freedom and love
Let’s be what we want to be

I was once stuck under the weight of the world
With school and work and work and work

I have learned to do exactly what I want
What brings me peace of mind
I want you to follow my lead
To find your true own path

Will I be the ordinary man who settles for nothing
Will I be the ordinary man who settles for nothing
But I can’t live like this

'Cause there is more to life than work
And we’re further from our true selves than ever before
Take the freedom we have
We will not fail

I can’t tell you what to do with yourself
But I can suggest you do what you want to
Forever, what you want to

Forever and ever
Forever and ever

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