"The Turnover" lyrics


"The Turnover"

Well I've been catching up with you on everything,
and it turns out you were lying, lying to me.
You blew your last chance, now everything's said and done,
and we both know you can't, you can't fool anyone.

About what you're known to do,
'cause we both know I'm onto you.
I'm still dreaming, you're just breathing.
This disaster's got me screaming:

Oh, my God, could you go any lower?
I won't be there when your world turns over.

Your secrets are the lines that make up stories,
and stories 'cause fist fights without warning,
and I've got a bill that says I won't break a sweat.
So bring all your sticks and all your stones,
and I'll show you how words can break your bones,
'cause I'm dying to know.

How to get my name in lights with every single song I write.

You let me down. (I needed room to breathe.)

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