"Something Great" lyrics


"Something Great"

They say, "Hey, kid, you're a little too young and a little too dumb to see
that life is just a little too short, there's a time and a place to chase dreams."
Well I guess if you listen that's fine, but honestly I've got my doubts,
'cause some of us are just a little too wrecked and have the music up a little too loud.

And I, I think I can change.
I think I can make something great
out of all my mistakes, yeah!

People talk, but they don't see
just what they've got inside to bring
to the world, 'cause I've been staying up late
wishing I could make a difference in the things we all hate.

And I, I know we can all
get up when we fall
and make something great
out of our mistakes.

If you're sick of waiting to lose,
then take back your bullshit excuse.
No regret, 'cause I bet you didn't want it anyway,
you didn't want it anyway. I didn't want it anyway.

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