"Never Get Older" lyrics


"Never Get Older"

Keep your voice down, babe. The world's fast asleep,
so let's just stay here and listen to them all as they dream.
I know it sounds crazy, but I'm thinkin' maybe
we can dance like this forever so we'll always remember...

What it was like when we both just kept spinnin' in circles,
where we would hide from ourselves, so we'd never get older.

Time passes by, and I'm afraid that it seems
we've lost the perception that kept the world at our feet, yeah.
But life ain't so bad, no, and I hope that you see
how the world just seems brighter when you're here with me.

So tell me why don't we both just keep spinnin' in circles?
Where we could hide from ourselves so we'll never get older.
'Cause life takes too much time to figure out,
and I'm just so scared to death that ours is gonna run out, yeah.

They take a hundred years day by day,
until it all just fades away.
So let's stop here.
Please, my dear, who says we have to disappear?

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