"I Said I'd Try" lyrics


"I Said I'd Try"

I couldn't bear the thought of missin' you yet.
You got those kinda eyes I'll never forget, no.
It's like we were this song that I kept on repeat,
and even though you're gone, I still keep to the beat,
though sometimes I feel like I can't find the words,
but I got this melody that I'm just dyin' to be heard, yeah.

Turn it up, turn it up, 'cause I need somethin' more.
Can't shake the feeling that you and I have been here before.
How many ways can I say that I'll never stop trying?

I should've told when I had the chance
just how I felt about all that we had.
I wish I could find my way back to you,
'cause then you could tell me just what to do
about the hole in my heart, about the pain in my chest,
about my time with a girl that I would never forget.

Bring it back, make it last, every breathe that we take.
I wanna finish what I started, but you're so far away.
How many ways can I say that I'll never stop trying?

Because I can't stand the way that we came undone,
I'll set fire to the bridge that held us up
so we can fall all over again, yeah,
fall until your walls come crashin' in.
I don't mean to be a bother, but I'm not one to give up.
If you could just look past all of the things that I've done,
then I swear I'll be there, yeah, we can make it work this time.
No regrets, don't forget the way that your heart keeps close to mine.

Thanks to Alexander Gage for these lyrics

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