"Damsels" lyrics



You're taking me back to a place I'd forgotten,
to mistakes that I made and rooms that are haunted
with the ghost of who I once was,
a person I swore I would never become.
So please forgive me if I speak words better left behind my teeth,
but you're no damsel in distress, you're just the girl who made the mess.

{And she said} "Take my hand and you won't regret it,
so just close your eyes and sing for me, sing for me."
I've got to get her out of my head
before all that is left is the promise I never kept.

And I can't control myself, she's got a way of making
the beat in my chest feel so damn close to breaking.
So if it's all the same to you, let me explain just what you do:
You pull me close, I taste your skin, I forget who I am again.

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