"Bad Days" lyrics


"Bad Days"

Sometimes life just ain't fair,
but I'm only human and so unprepared
for change and the hand that I'm dealt:
Mostly low cards trying to excel.

'Cause sometimes I feel like I'm close to the brink,
broken and bruised, but still chasing this dream.

I'm running in circles as fast as I can,
trying to find the top of the world again,
it's why I write songs, every word and every letter.
I live through the bad days to make the good ones better.

When every day feels like a fight,
your world's turning over, I know what that's like.
Sometimes you win and you lose, but when all else fails,
here's what you do:

Just take a deep breathe, you can make it that far.
Gravity can't stop you from reaching the stars.

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