"Through With Heartbreak" lyrics


"Through With Heartbreak"

One more time, one more light
Another day and lonely night
Same old game with a different face
One more heartache to complain

So please go away, I don't want to see you anyway
We're just a bunch of guys just trying to find someone for us
Don't break my heart [x2]

One last word, one last dance
Pretty blue eyes that hide the tears
We fall so fast, it hurts so bad
Silence proves a heart gone bad

So please come my way, I just want to hear the words you say
Where did you go? What's wrong with you?
Why do you say the things you do?
There goes my heart

She's so cool, she's so nice
The way she looks, and her eyes
The other guys agree, she smiles beautifully
The perfect girl, so many minds never good enough to try
Back another day, through heartbreak anyway

Thanks to Rick for these lyrics

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