"On My Own" lyrics


"On My Own"

I'm feeling lost inside like
I cannot be alone
The closet that I get I
get from the telephone
Seems like your far away
when your really by my side
Sometimes you push me away
My heart you have denied

Things that I know you want from me
have left me on my own
I lay in bed I have a dream
your face is what I see

I know you think that I am just a waste of time
But if I had a the chance I would prove you wrong tonight
By chance we met by God I know that we'll do fine
I'll sit here waiting, I'm not the enemy
I'm contimplating about you and me

Though there are many wondering
if they could have your heart
There's only one of me but
I'd like to play that part
We may not know the plan and
we may not understand
And if I'm not your type now
I'll change that so I am

Things that I know you want from me
Have left me on my own
I lay in bed, I have a dream
Your face is what I see


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