"Moving On" lyrics


"Moving On"

I Know Before
It Happens, i'll be more
prepared for whats in store, it's just so far away

I admit..
I ignored that when the time came
I wanted you, but you wanted nothing to do with me

You wanna stay
Away from me today
Or atleast for the rest of the years that im alive
But now i say, im sorry i don't care anyway
Yet everyday i regret times you could have spent with me

Life cant get better than (in time you'll learn too)
Life cant get better than....
Moving on, its easy being strong
Inform me i was wrong, forgive me i am sorry
If you'll just let go, and just hold on to me
for you i know i would do anything
(i would do anything [x4])

Far gone, out of my reach...
Not even a song like this
Would make you shed a tear
(heres my heart, your in my prayer)

You and I
Together forever i cry
If i could only have the chance to prove my longingness to you


Put it in the past
Behind us so maybe it lasts
Theyd find us together forever (forever) [x7]

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