"Hopes And Dreams" lyrics


"Hopes And Dreams"

Everything is right
Troubles are no more
No one's in a fight.
I'm taking time to say
"What do you think was wrong?"
I admit that you were right
And I guess that I was wrong.
So shut me out
hold me away,
cause I'll just come right back,
on another day.
Plead until it hurts
I'll you till it's sore
Whatever happened to you?
I'd like to be here once more.
Words from the heart..
It doesn't matter
what really matters is
I know what I did I take responsibility.
Could you hear me?
I'm what brings fear to me.
Well now I have to run.
Stand close, miss the heat.
And will another day
be what's with us all the time.
Feeling words, feeling thoughts.
and now I'm feeling what was fine.
I was better off,
and I am never losing ground.
I'm losing faith and I'm losing friends
Who were better off to stay around.
Staying in one mind
together we can be,
down to one last kind.
Mess up once again,
Will we ever start to glide?
Just look at what we know,
then maybe get it right.
words from the heart...

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