"We Did A Lot Of Walking" lyrics


"We Did A Lot Of Walking"

Of all the things that we had said and all the things we wrote and read
And all the thoughts that went through our heads as we were both inside our beds
And all the times we walked around. I'd take a drag, you'd never frown
I'd scream out loud and wake the town as awkward stares seemed to surround.

I've given it a lot of thought. I'm sure of this, That, I can say.
The best friends that you ever have are the ones you lose and go away
The ones you want to call their name and pour it out and scream your pain,
But you've poured it out too many times and now their spent and lack the time

And I'm sorry. I hope you know.
And even though I let my charm die out, I guess, I still don't know.

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