"Our Time" lyrics


"Our Time"

Move on to better things. Throw a rock in their machine.
No matter who's at the head, at some point, their lies we will be fed.
Instead of try for change, you sit and place your blames.
It is not your choice to make. We'll overcome. We always do. We know.
Fuck you we know this is our time. You know we're gonna take it.
I'm here to fucking break it. You know we want it all.
Fuck you we know this is our time to see you fall!
I'm surrounded by pigs. Racist, bitter, no good pricks.
No, they're not the dull or poor, they're the well off and educated rich.
You talk of building borders. You talking of restoring order, but it is not your choice to make.
They'll try to take what they can away, but they can't take what we don't have.
They Have! We Have Not!

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