"Lights" lyrics



You've got lights in your eyes
I've got bags under mine
like my life's been resigned to waiting for a sign.
Living a quiet life on a floor that's not mine
I go from place to place somewhat aimless and blind.

I wonder if I will have my time to shine
if I ever get up well then maybe I'll find
that life is just trials and errors
and I'm somewhere in between
and maybe it’s time to go.

I feel as though I have been this way before
not being noticed but not being ignored
not willingly humble not willing to whore myself
to all your friends who just simply adore the idea of someone who just doesn't care
about what you may think
although I should be fair I take pleasure out
of hateful looks and stares,
And as I speak my mind you think maybe it's time to go.

I know that now's no time to be saving face
And I don't give a fuck if you are or aren't phased
My lights have gone dim and the sun hides in the haze
and instead of spend time here I think I would rather just go
I think I would rather die.

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