"I'm Only Here To Read" lyrics


"I'm Only Here To Read"

I never thought I'd ever be ashamed to be a man
Or gain a hate for those who share the gender that I am
Getting Irrationally angry at ads on TV
The things that make you say "Just what the fuck is wrong with me"

And, yeah, they know. That's why they do it.

There's no reason for you to eat and purge it all away
It fucking kills me that they've gone and made you feel this way
It's not enough that they decide the actions you can make
You've got to fit inside their smiling, fuckable cliche

And they don't care, that's why they do it.

I'll never know what it's like to summed and measured by
The way I look and have my own opinions cast aside
Or be told that I better be careful of what I wear
Or ever have to deal with people's ill-intentioned stares

I never have to worry 'bout going somewhere alone
Or while I'm out, have every shitbag try to take me home
And, no it doesn't really make you all that bad to say
'I'm only here for me, now, please, just go the fuck away'

But, they don't care, that’s why they do it.

And I won't know, ‘til I go through it.

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