"Daybeers" lyrics



I used to hate the smell of it before I started drinking, but
Everyone does the things they can to make it through the day
Like the kid who's doing lines inside a gas station in Denton
Through a scratch off that he bought and wondering how we got this way

And I'm not sure if I hate my job or if it's just that I hate working
but the difference between old friends is that I'll never let it turn me
cause no pension, pay or benefits are worth the weight of knowing
that I'm settled, stuck and in too deep to leave

And so I'm gonna live everyday like we'd never gotten older
and got the lives and jobs that drowned our plans and made us all sober
to it seems like fucking everything, but alcohol and songs we sing
about the days before we got this way

I guess maybe, the day will come when I'll no longer be someone
who has to steal shit from work so I can make ends meet
But, until these shit songs pay the bills, I'm gonna take home what I will
and you can try to guilt me, but you don't look at your receipts

So, I'm gonna live every day like we'd never gotten bitter
And got the kind of cynicism that we always had considered
to be the root of everything of what we never want to be
But, somehow we still ended up this way

We're gonna do what we need to be happy
With no regard for when you say we're wrong
There's not a fucking thing that we are lacking
We should have been doing this all along

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