"But, We're All Good People" lyrics


"But, We're All Good People"

How do I make it through the day? The stupid questions that you ask me
I drink til' I'm in another state and let all the do-gooders pass me
And don't forget about the drugs. I know, like hell they won't forget me
In my veins and in my lungs, so you can keep your fucking pity

Can I sleep with myself at night? It's something that I'd rather not do
Look at the TV's blinding light, scroll through my phone and try to get you
To lay here with me in my bed, so I can say that I'm not lonely
All while keeping you well fed on lies about how you're my only

Is this really all for fun? It's something that I've got to wonder
And if these days keep going on, please, God just fucking put me under
And I'll swear it to this day, I really thought we had No Future
And I'd be dead before I lived in front of TVs and computers

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