"Basements" lyrics



I miss the nights that we claimed our street corner
To scream and make our meals amongst the parking posts
And ride the bus back to the shady north side
Smoking shit cigarettes to ail our aching throats

Somewhere along the way, this life got labored
Kicked off our corner by some people selling God
While, being broke and happy had it's magic
Only being broke's not worth a lot

I never thought that I would find those people
Who heard the songs I heard and it meant as much to
And pack ourselves from wall to wall in basements
Our drunken singing going in and out of tune

And as we wrap our arms around these strangers
No greater feeling is there of this clarity
These darkened rooms reverberate with all that
I can say has ever meant a thing to me

These years made everyone so apathetic
And I can't really say that I'm coping all that well
When every dream I have's burning down buildings
and us giving all the owner's of this world's hell
But, Someone along the way said "Our dream's over"
Snapped to our senses by some salesman selling cars
And while being young and angry had potential
I can't really say we're doing a lot.

I never thought that I'd get stuck serving coffee
To all the one's who make this world such a trying place
Forcing smiles, standing behind a counter
Made to accept this meager life and this meager wage
My dream is that we'll kick them off our corners
All of the people who, in these houses we sing
And we will be the catalyst of change that
We first heard of in the basements when we were sixteen

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