"Bad Cliches" lyrics


"Bad Cliches"

Well, I've slept on shitty, concrete floors
And I've been humbled by their locked doors
And I put my pen to slate these days, to color myself bad cliches
And I wish that, maybe, I had seen that tunnel vision starts at eighteen
And It looks like normalcy will take the win

Fuck anarchy
See where you've got me?
Bitter battles fought between nihilism and normality
The time spent thinking, singing and drinking
I guess what hurts the most is when what you love doesn't save your life

But, I've loved the purest that one can and I've come to grips with what most can't
And I've felt myself pinned by the boots of rigid stiffs in ties and suits.
In optimistic ignorance, I'll scream out every single chance I get to say 'there's nothing we can't change'

See where you've got me?
Bitter battles fought between disillusion and near piety
The time spent thinking, instead of acting
The insult's craving recognition, but only getting sympathy

Fuck sympathy
See where you've got me?
Where no conservative raised, good-natured boy should ever be
Out here thinking with others like me
And all we want's your recognition, but you just give us sympathy

We don't need your sympathy.

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