"Something To Nail You To" lyrics


"Something To Nail You To"

Anyone can repeat a creed
But that won't dictate what I believe
'Cause anyone can say these words
But without feeling they aren't much more than
Words that you see, but can never understand
No matter what you believe you could never comprehend
'Cause these powers that be
Don't want you to see through them
And although you've been deceived
Your life is not yet ruined

So why cancel this subscriptive service
You've paid for your beliefs
Do you get out of them what you need?
'Cause when you're lost and hopeless
You'll empty your pockets
It's all profits to these priests
Do they really care about your relief?
Creed, cult and code
Faith, love and hope
Must be nice to know your God is coming back for you

Lying is sin but the truth is a toy
While priests are out sleeping with little boys
And this one nation under's got it's finger poised
On the big red button set to destroy

This land we see to be free
But not everything is as it seems
To thine own self be true
And just remember a cross is just something we nail people to

Forgive me Father I've sinned
I'm not sure where to begin
It seemed so easy when I was a kid
But now I'm having trouble trusting this
I beg to differ, I beg to breathe
You suffocate me with your beliefs
It's right for you but it's not for me
After all faith is not always free

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