"Not The Place" lyrics


"Not The Place"

Chased out of the homestead
By an eagerness familiar to me
And I know that time is getting old
And that’s why I’m constantly
Reassembled by my own words
Drawing lines in the sand with my head in the dirt and
I’m not that firm in the earth I’m standing on
And I’ve planned it all along

Better than better is the best to be
And the wetter the weather lets you test the sea
All the women and children left at the docks
‘Cause we’ll never find home until we get lost
I’m in the wrong place at the right time
Contrast old friend of mine

This is not the place
I’m reminded every day
End all my past subscriptions
Stuck in one place
It reminded me to change
Out of that last position [x2]

This is not the place
This is not the place
This is not the place for me

Thanks to jsutrisno for these lyrics

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