"Rigged And Ready" lyrics


"Rigged And Ready"

It's winter and I'm late I lost this game
Of white Russian roulette but I'm fine I'm quite ok,
And she knows I'm royal loyal to lovers
I'll die here with you when my veins lose their hue

Cause I never fixed my broken jaw
That's why my words don't ever come out at all,
So when you come out fix another for me
One hand's itching the other's missing
I wish I was missing...

Birthmarked my arms in vain out my mouth and down the drain
Shooting bullets through my blood, the bullets barely missed my brain
And fly for five days around my bedroom in a haze
And then I'll crash straight in the ground
I wish I was never ever here...

And I don't know what's buried here
(I think) I'm buried here and barely here...

Raccoon eyed and skin whiter than heavens best fighter
I'm thinking she needs me, well do you girl? I guess we'll see
And I know she's perfect, a hostage in purple
We'll tie up our arms with my cancer and your charm

Cause I'll never kiss a broken jaw
Fist fight the light that bounces off my walls
So when you come out fix another for me
One leg's limping, the other's missing
I wish I was missing...

Dodging broken down satellites
Mending my beaten up jaw line
Last night I stayed on call all night
And I watched her die three times tonight

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