"Onward" lyrics




Breaking new light
Leaving this behind
I'll carry your chains the last time
I'd love this to wash away
And now it rings out in my veins

Chartreuse crying for chin
I'll cast aside my tears
And take my wings, my wings
Run, run, run

I was hoping for more than a kiss goodnight
Maybe I'll see you cry a single sparkling tear
Drowning your eyes, drowning your eyes
And I've shed many in this bed
And this is the last night, this is the last night

Onward, onward, onward
Onward a new light
So I'll try to catch a glimpse of what could've been
In this dark, dusty night
Sit here, wishing I'd give it a rest and take this back
To all those moments

Break ground, break flesh
Tears all are ??
I wish I never had to miss this

Onward, onward
Onward a new light

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