"StillsSternLange&Norris" lyrics



I'm on a quest for normalcy
Balance, respect and mystery
Rechargeable with cells and chips and such
I’m flooded with information
Refresh rate, the pace that I don't need
If you don't mind, I'll keep my thoughts to myself

I'm so - so disconnected from everything

Locked out of secret societies
Password protected casualties
It's awkward, I think I've seen enough
You lay it out the way you want it
Your mask is totally vapid
Sooner or later, the surface seeps in you

I'm so - so disconnected from everything

I'd rather have friends around me, oh
I want the complete story, oh
The network is taking over, oh
Wanna show them that I care
Getting harder every year
I'm disconnected from my own fear

Thanks to Brittany Strummer for these lyrics

Thanks to millen for correcting these lyrics

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