"Oh, There's Legwork" lyrics


"Oh, There's Legwork"


Whoa, ho ho ho!

I don't belong, (HEY!), singing these anthems.
This fever is cunning.
Deadly, it's running straight for the exit, detoured through my veins.
Telling me to "Get the Fuck Out."
I don't recall (HEY!) how it all started.
I tripped on a bass line.
Now my guitar screams loud about living.
Loud about love. Loud about loathing myself.

When all is said and done.
When all we've said, we've done.

I've howled at the moon. (HEY!) Been sick by the sunrise.
I've taken abuse from those who've got no right conducting the violins playing my song.
Whoa whoa, whoa whoa.

These things that I choose (HEY!) require opinion.
Demand satisfaction, commercial reaction.
Just keep on moving, losing every thread.
Tied to the place I call home.

When all is said and done.
When all we've said, we've done.

We are the brand new beatniks. We are the down and outers.
We are the bleeding hearts, bleeding syncopated, broken rhythms.
Our speed is often break neck. We need to slow it down, no.
Tired of being sleepless. Tired of being broken, broken.

Thanks to Gordon Shumway for these lyrics

Thanks to pedro for correcting these lyrics

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