"Here Comes Devereux" lyrics


"Here Comes Devereux"

Am I frightened of this town? Just a little
Frightened of all the things that it makes me do
I've been invited to a party with demons and dickheads
One without the other? I'm screwed

Oh, I think I just saw someone move in the corner
And she's looking at me and making me shake
And I'm feeling kinda dirty like never before
This can't end well for both of our sakes

Now I'm scared so I should just leave

I push and push it
I’m slightly unattractive
I look like such a mess
Just want to fade away

Pushing fingers on the pulse, cuz I need it
It's nice to know that I can settle the score
With just a little bit of pressure
Deadbolts and water
A middle finger to complete the chord

Now I'm tangled in nickel and tape
Glass and refraction
Got my own private screening of "I'll never be great"
Now my eyes are glued, inspired and ready
Sure enough the focus will fade

Now I'm bored, so I should give up

I push and push it
I'm unproductive
Creative juices flowing
I haven't felt a drop
Just want to fade away

Thanks to Brittany Strummer for these lyrics

Thanks to millen for correcting these lyrics

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