"Where Did You Go?" lyrics


"Where Did You Go?"

I'll be there all the way beside you in the dark
We'll watch the sunrise from the storm
And when the rain of your despair became
to much to bear
You left me
Please tell me

Where did you go, Where did you go
Where did you put your heart this time around
Did it go sour from sweet
Where did you go, Where did you go
Where did you put your soul that can't be found
I don't know where it could be
Maybe somewhere at the crossroads
Where our dreams and fears reside
Where someday we can surely find

And as you slowly made your way across the room
You turned your back I looked away
The cheap thrill fame instilled
Meant more than the friend you had
I don't understand

Where did you go, Where did you go
When did you cash your soul in for the gold
To buy esteem
I hope it was worth it all
Worst of all
When you walked out on my trust you stole
A little piece of my own
Blood and tears that I poured
Into what was once now feels in vain
I wonder can you feel my pain

The first times
The magic, the memories, the regret
The dreams, the hardships
That old friend back then was
The best that I ever had
Now there's no turning back

Once upon a time you told me that your heart
was in it's place
I guess it slipped as with your pride did
How unfortunate
A story ending sorely in the sense you chose
To take the easiest way out
It's over now

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