"To The Roots" lyrics


"To The Roots"

You say it's all ok
you say show me the way
I say stand by me today
and it'll be ok
You try
then you deny the chance to rise up high
think tough
turn this one around
Don't let it get you down
Yeah we gotta rock and roll
Yeah, we gotta take control
We've got to make up for mistakes we made
but to the roots we stay
Carry on your shoulders the
weight of all the world
Guess what?
I've got news for you
I can feel it too
Take part
please don't refrain
stand hard
don't be afraid
Get set, ready, and go now
let's get it up right now
New adventures seeking out
new horizons coming around
didn't we say that we have to go
In the same way we have to pick the right path to walk
We have to pick up
right where we left off

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