"Only You" lyrics


"Only You"

I don't wanna go
don't want to waste this time
I just want to stay with you
and let the time fly by
Can I ask for more?
a little more for me
I'm going to need it for
the time that I will be away
and I've forgotten everything
Thinking more importantly
I don't want to go
I want to stay home with you
So much for this time apart
and I wish we could go back
to how things used to be before
What's the mileage now?
a steady pace I see, because there's a part of me
that hasn't been there for a while
and I am hollow... I am bare
But I'll keep going with despair
because I just want to go
I want to come home to you
And I lost touch with myself
and I'm sorry
I hope we can work it out somehow again
Never thought I would feel this hollow
never thought that the worst would follow
Never wanted to see this side of me
I never wanted it to be

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