"Nocturnal" lyrics



I had a dream last night about the distant past I've lived of my
friends and family I've lived with through the years of my deceased
relatives God it seemed so clear sleep is the place I love to hide
the one place peaceful in my mind everyday that I see through I crave
the sanction of my room because everytime I close my eyes I see a
thousand dreams I've dreamed too many times of all the distant lands
I've gone and the places that I've seen you can't imagine all the
things I have crammed in my memory and all the thoughts you cannot
see nocturnal thoughts are what I'm hoping for right now I've had
some trouble ever since you came around turn off the lights so I can
get some peace of mind the day has passed along with problems left
behind nocturnal thoughts are what I'm hoping to achieve a sanctuary
in my sleep.

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