"Shooting Stars" lyrics


"Shooting Stars"

...And it's just a question of cycle, I won't cry over it.
All good things have endings and it's just a...
No I won't run and hide, no I won't quit!

The clock is ticking and how glad am I to stay alive tonight!
Eternity's so fucking boring...

And when death will come, quit with a fucking smile!
Our days are numbered so live them fucking fast.
They want us dead or entirely docile...
So let's just prove fate is such a joke!
And I can't fucking take it,
I'm not ashamed, yeah you can proudly sing it!

Take an arrow and shoot the sky! Leave your fucking mark!
History is the only path to the afterlife,
fight them and all their bullshit stories.
Life is too precious to he wasted, when you're gone what will last?

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