"Father" lyrics



Father, I never understood why you gave it up,
accepting determinism and the rules of their so-called destiny...
I know you never trusted in their holy better days,
and that you never believed in their so called success stories.
And I still await your call while winter fails,
and I'm still waiting for the day.
No tears, no anger, in a world that didn't care, you didn't care.
You sacrificed it all to watch us sink in this world.
I am not complaining, because you gave me the chance to set my goals,
and accepted me just as I am, the imperfect son you hate to adore.
We won't be silenced anymore. We won't be fucking silenced.
And I keep waiting alone... I will try my hardest,
in their goddamn living hell, to write our name in the sun,
where the ashes are failing.

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