"Dry Rivers" lyrics


"Dry Rivers"

Dead souls dancing their dance attracted by the bright and the shining,
watching the time pass by.
Lost man counting his days looking back on what it could have fucking been.
But nothing happens, nothing changes.
These are the last tears I hear you cry,
you've got to take control,
chase the ghost that still haunts your soul.
I can't remember the last time
that I saw you smile, unsatisfied or just too tired...
It isn't worth it if it makes you sad,
so, goodbye, we lost the most grateful path!
I'm not counting my days,
I keep going forward continuing in my own way.
Because there is no comfort in stagnation on the level of water and ice.
Rise or fall! And if we fall, at least we tried.
This is all I ever had...
And you should know there's no more fucking gold to dredge in this river.

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