"Anchor" lyrics



Now you know that this ship won't sink.
No, there's nothing to learn from the lies they told,
they perfect lives sold,
No, no way to dream my own life,
it's such a fucking waste of time.
Modern slavery starts in your mind
and it's time to just don't let it go.
It's killing any potential.
With icons and idols, new needs,
envy and standards, they killed your soul.
But when the castle falls, see what's possible,
the revolution starts with you.
You'd better think about it.
No conviction, pure distraction,
a life burnt like a candle,
a life consumed from side to side,
too blind to see what you have inside.
So close your eyes and hear their cries,
is it the right direction?
I know there is another way,
I can still see the light.
The revolution starts in your mind
and it's time to listen to your heart.
Reveal your real potential.
Reflection, progression, above the superficial,
no lie can save your soul.
No goal to reach, no anchor to fix,
your mind is lost in their subliminal projections.
Sinking, chocking, dying, [re]thinking.

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