"Waste Of Time" lyrics


"Waste Of Time"

Let down with a sympathetic promise
Never to be seen again
Got down for a fraction of a second
Now I'm fine
I don't care 'cause I never stood a chance
And it's everything the same to me
I don't know why it happens all the time
But I never have the time to grieve

Can you appreciate the life we left behind?
Or was it just a waste of time
I could abbreviate my life down to a line
I could abbreviate it now
United, so you're saying sayonara
Taking every chance you get
Checkmate it's the end of the story
No surprise
The turndown was the obvious response
Yeah the one I could anticipate
I so wish you would leave me all alone
But the repetition never ends

Can you appreciate the life we left behind?
Can you appreciate it now?

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