"Pleasure Is To Be Insane" lyrics


"Pleasure Is To Be Insane"

I'm getting sick and tired
Of running 'round getting nowhere
I beat my head against the wall
The situation now
Is getting tense so uncertain
It's time to realize my goal

But I can get away
And I can get away
And hope that it will last
I can get away and
I can get away
Or I can stay a while
But it happens yeah it happens
And it happened yeah
It's happening to me
And I greet insanity
But pleasure is to be insane
Pleasure is to be insane
Never sound never rational

And I'm spinning around
And around
Then I can see my own reality

I'm getting sick and tired
Of wasting time being social
I need diversion for a while
It's time to understand
That sanity is overrated
I can forget it with a smile

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