"Wise Up" lyrics


"Wise Up"

When life grabs you by the balls
Walks you down a dead end street
Lines you up against a wall
You get the feeling that you're never gonna win
You gotta break the fucking door
You gotta break the wall within
Fuck that I'm never gonna lose
I don't let my insecurities' control my authority
And if you're gonna give up then you're fuckin brain dead
And you wanna get a gun
Man, you better wise up


Is it the world that's bringing you down
'Cause you're letting everybody push you down to the ground
Stupid people saying stupid fucking things
But it's your mind you gotta fix
You gotta find a better way
'Cause everybody's different and no ones the same
So stop pointing fingers cause there's no one to blame
It's too late for your family too late for friends
'Cause you're lying on the floor with a bullet in your head


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