"When Will It End" lyrics


"When Will It End"

I got dirty ass shoes and a cracked board
That's thirty dollar bills that I can't afford
There must be a hole in my wallet where the money goes
Cause I'm broke as hell trying to find the cash flow
I got a used car but it's broken in the front yard
And having no ride is getting kinda hard
I gotta take a bus but I got no change
So I wonder if things are ever gonna be the same
I try to get away but my town is too small
And if I had a chance then I'd try to burn it all
If everybody hates me then Ill take it as respect
And if no one wants to conversate then that's what I expect

Cause it's your life
Your voice
Your mind
Your choice

The people of my town are too good for me
They all act the same, it's like a disease
So caught in their culture
They reak ignorance
So moving to this city is my only regret
Every last person that I've ever met
Haven't got close to cause that's my best bet
For being myself and staying who I am
Avoiding their trend the best way I can

Cause it's your life
Your voice
Your mind
Your choice

And so you lose all your respect
And they say this is what you get
And now your backs against the wall
This is what happens when you fall

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