"Mood Swings" lyrics


"Mood Swings"

There was a time
Where we all could run free.
It just was the ignorance
That we couldn't see.
The times were fun,
The times were fucking good.
We ran around the town
The way we always knew we could.
Without a car,
Without a fucking job,
Bumming money on the streets
From all the fucking snobs.
Skating on our boards
To find a place to chill.
Bust out your fucking piece
Because it's time to get ill!

And we'll never grow older!

Since I was a youth,
I've run from the cops.
They ain't ever gonna catch us
So lets down another shot
From the bottle we just stole.
We are gonna get drunk.
Bring out your fucking bass
To jam a little funk.
And I'll bring out my guitar
And pick a little tune
Play a new song
For all our friends to skate to
It ain't about the money
It ain't about you
This is how we live our lives
This is what we do.

And we'll never grow older!

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