"In This Country" (Acoustic Version) lyrics


"In This Country"

Acoustic Version

Yo it's time
Who the fuck am I?
Turning my back on another fuckin feeling
Something in the way
Must have missed a step
Only look back if there's something that I'm keeping
But there's nothing there
So I don't understand
Just cant quite figure out who I am
Who am I?
Who are you?
Who the fuck are we?
Who decides who we are in this country?
Wake up in the morning with your eyes wide open
Just another day and I'm fuckin broke in
My bank and I got no cash in my pocket
No use for a wallet
Cus I got no job and I gotta pay bills
Yo how you gonna manage?
Fuck it, home life kills
See me skating down the street
Always running from police
Kid, you know I will
Shit, you know the drill
In this country!

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