"Seasons" lyrics



Seasons come
and bring with em tastes of new
grounding all those things we've always
been used to say, used to do
used to obey choices never made

So it was you
a fresh breeze like I never felt before
you suddenly came at my door
looking for a safe place
and someone that you could call home

You put down all your barricades to me
breaking down walls I built
just for the sake
of calling it love
something i never did,
something you never got
I don't wanna share
And now throw ruins away
when you begin building
from rooftops to basements
it wont last a day
this story was never meant to be this way
please forgive me,
please forgive me if i choose not to stay

Once again
I'm sitting down facing your stare
bearing the breakdown that totally fills your nerves
here's the verse
to exorcise all of our fears

It ends like this
a fresh breeze I'll never find anymore
is exiting right through my door
ending this season
whether we like it or not

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