"Of The Storm" lyrics


"Of The Storm"

Count the words we said.
The songs that we played wrong.
The silence that we shared.
Unbeaten we stand.
Now that our paths are shattered
We still feed fire higher and higher.

The same roads we are coming from.
The same horizons we belong.
All of our convictions are righteous if we truly hold one.
No matter how you sing your song.
There won't be a point on going on on different crossroads
If we still hold tight the place we come from.

There's scars we've collected of storms hardly contained.
Fibrosis took tears to shed all along.
'Cause indifference hurt and so did denials
But after all when curtains fall the show must go on.

And one day we'll meet again on one of those street on the seaside.
Stare at the headlight with the same eyes we once had and a closer skyline.

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