"Modern Warfare" lyrics


"Modern Warfare"

Distress. Regress.
Never being afraid of what the price is
Bosses don't miss chances like these.
Disgrace. Feelings.
Appropriate to this purposeful crisis.
Glad we're not taking our stances.

This time we are not going so far.
From the screens to blind eyes stories of our chiefs
Collecting handshakes while down here we fall apart.
Echoes of this mess. We've been told not to bend.
Still we can't seem to understand why don't you mend
What you've sent to rot.

And yet you act like you don't care
Be aware you'll fall too and we won't be there.
For cyber welfare's modern warfare.
Be strong for now's the time to beat the mud
Lying underneath these false pretences.
This conspiracies.

Why so self-content?
Lacking basis to understand dissent?
Open your eyes.

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