"Magneto Was Right" lyrics


"Magneto Was Right"

On the edge of wrecking day
demolition derby engaged
against our land
against those men
that took us this far
Look at us
we are so fragile
yet we have so arrogant hearts
but we're not here to stay
There will come someone
much better than this
from an outer space
another race will resolve the death we bring
With a conscience nearly asleep
misconceptions on our needs
perfectly matching our means
in a deadly machine
Not a break
taking as much as we can
is the wrong way
but we're not here to stay
There will come someone
much stronger than this
with a wider grace
another race will resolve this mess we're in
And when we'll reach the point of non-return
there won't be tears enough for us to cry
to make anything grow back on this earth again
our loss of sense
our constant claim to have everything right away
is not consistent to our supposed right to stay
and when we'll have our worst case scenario kicked straight up on our teeth
we will surely curse at anyone but us just to feel better beings
and when we'll meet our fate by the hand of something else in the end
we'll maybe learn what we've done to this place
and that we're just little men.

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