"Listen, Learn, React" lyrics


"Listen, Learn, React"

I've seen winds of protest
I've heard cries of complaint
while the rest of the world
drugged and bored
watches prostrate in submission
Against all the odds we've witnessed
from Morocco to Egypt to Iran
thousands of people chins up to the sun
against their oppression
While the "Souths of the world"
step by step raise their heads to the wolves
we still obnoxiously deny our mental manacles
Our constitution sacrificed to the Holy See
humiliated by separatists on TV
violated by neofascists publicly
I've seen the decay of our liberty
But we still got hope
one by one these chains have to fall
from now on it's our call
Please stay focused on what matters
leave the rest outside
think about what's better
and get involved
for this is our present.

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