"Burning the Blindfolds" lyrics


"Burning the Blindfolds"

Have you ever felt a hand holding your neck
have you ever felt a shiver down your back
Have you ever had regrets
for things you've never had

Have you ever been ashamed of your own lies
acting haughty when you're slowly dying inside
ignoring your demise
while hiding in disguise

When I talked about elite
I saw many come to me
mistaking the concept
though it was clear to see
Posing and conformity
the things we're used to live
through everyday, keep hearing brothers say
"you are definitely not here to stay"

Our roads end up in landslides
we keep wearing blindfolds
this way we're gonna fall

And maybe we don't get
there's a thin misconception
we're not onto stands
we just fight who pretends
but as blossoms can grow
in the minefields i know
we should see with the soul
those to let in among all


I saw
such a load
we're dying too fast
we're dying too fast

I'll walk
my own road
I won't die fast
I won't die fast

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