"Burning Bridges" lyrics


"Burning Bridges"

Awake all night witnessing blindness take shape at its worst.
Our nightmare's reality.
How could we fall so low? We were never supposed to part.
To call for a better choice was never an option to us.
To intercede the worst mistake.
Thus all the tracks are covered in tears and we burn alone.

The roads that we take do divide us at once
Like asymptotes of functions we'll never learn.
Stand proud of our ways.
Keep craving to achieve our personal perfection.
Divided we stand and alone we fall.
We're burning bridges.

Reached the top with the intention to stay.
All alone at the peak will you still think straight?
Will you still ban others for your sake?
Still determined not to bend or break.
Will you still feel at ease with no one there when you fail?
For someday sure as hell we all fail.

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